I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.

The issue of Racism is a world problem, and needs to be tackled as a global concern. We need a formal and official United Nations on Equality dedicated to the eradication of inequality in key areas of Equality; this issue is too big to be part of some side-show. – Kemdirim Okezie, Prestige and Power


13653430_1070638483027630_2650636656912865440_o-1 This morning The Love Life of an Asian Guy posted this picture on facebook with the following commentary:

This is one of the most powerful images I’ve seen in years.

You’re peeking directly into the laboratory of white supremacy. A system that will send TWO men in full riot gear to arrest ONE Black woman for one purpose: give her a criminal record.

If she is charged (most Black protestors are) for participating in a peaceful protest, she’ll be forced to disclose her new criminal record on ALL job applications and applications for rent.

That one small change can limit where she works, how much she can get paid, and where she can rent.

The implications are LIFE CHANGING. This act of arresting peaceful Black protestors is SYSTEMATIC RACISM AT WORK, BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

“You’re a Harvard Law graduate? 7 years of experience? Nice! Ooh, it looks like…

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Criminal Mind in San Diego


Criminal minds style killings in San Diego:  Innocent people cold and desperate trying to get some sleep, to go to a place where their dreams are supposed to be their happy place. Only to wake-up on fire, set alight by evil. God help the Homeless people and enlighten the mind of the evil monster, the serial killer, behind these attacks. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen –  Kemdirim Okezie, Prestige and Power


A man injured during a series of attacks on homeless men in San Diego died at a hospital Sunday – bringing the death toll to three, police said.

via Third victim dies in attacks on San Diego homeless —


Black Lives Matter


What is currently happening in the United States of America is enough for the entire world to see where they should be grateful.

Of course we all have our problems, but I’m just so glad we in the UK are not dealing with UK Cops ‘looking to kill’ or even to injure anyone at all. I get there may be the odd egomaniac but we have a system that administers justice, and if we don’t get that justice then ‘we – the people’ will take it; just like ‘we – the people’ did in 2011 when the London Riots happened; and how ‘we – the people’  turned out to vote for Brexit. I am proud of the United Kingdom because when something matters to us this much – we take action; and that is what makes us Great. Having said that, I condemn riots and I don’t agree with that  but I am talking about how everyone regardless of their issues with each other turned out to take action. The problems highlighted are always where the ignorant and uneducated get involved – those are the ones that seek revenge to get their own brand of justice. For example, the thugs that rioted in England 2011 and the thugs who reacted to the latest killings in the US by killing Police Officers. There will always be evil-minded randoms who will seek o take out their own style of justice but the point that should be seen here is that this demonstrates that people will react when they have been pushed to the edge.

I am so proud of the UK Police – their Community Interface projects in line with the Equality and Diversity policies have taught them so much and helped them grow to the extent that the UK Police culture is respectful of  everyone – sure their are isolated incidents – but that is just what they are – isolated. Not like North America, where Black Lives don’t matter. Equality and Diversity and Community Interface programmes need to be part of the American culture too! Therefore I am dedicating today’s blog to the plight of my American people  who I urge to come together regardless of skin colour  – and unite for social justice by taking to your social media and doing their bit as ‘We – the people’ to declare: that…

#BlackLivesMatter! It’s about time! There is no justifying the American Police service who rather than shoot to maim prefer shoot to end a life. Who but evil-minded people do that? That is a deliberate decision to silence your victim forever. We don’t silence victims people. Normal and healthy-minded Human-beings do not seek to end the lives of Human-beings as standard and let them live as a treat. The North American Police system needs to be stripped down and built up into a fit for purpose Police and protective services system – IMMEDIATELY! Right now, and because of this, the US of A has the world’s eyes on them. The enemies of the United States have their enemies getting ready to attack. Civil War to break out would be the perfect time, because for example, religious extremists are not targeting people of colour – so to release sleeper cells at this time would turn key areas in the United States of America into a warzone in such a way that it’s economy will crash and the American people will not cope. Is this what you ordinary Americans want? This is why you need to unite immediately to stop derision in your beautiful country. Act now – before it is too late! Get behind the Black Lives Matter campaign in order to save Human-beings from being killed. I find it atrocious that an African-American has to literally walk around with a Gorilla on it’s back in order to protect their lives from 1. Being killed and 2. For the people to care. Number one is not going to be an option so they will continue to be killed and number two demands action from the people because without it demonstrates that the American people and what they thought they knew about themselves is about to end. Wake-up America – please wake-up!


Chaos and Confusion

There is so much chaos and drama in the world right now. I have been so busy trying to organise my life in preparation for my future but one even knows if I will have a future at this rate – God forbid. I know the end of this world will come but please, not today – I have an impact to make on my world; I want to show my heavenly father that He made me worthy even though I know HE knows. I just want that opportunity to demonstrate to myself that I know. So adults of the world – please stop! I’ll be joining you as an adult in January. Please stop abusing and killing each other – at least until I have had a chance to hit adulthood. I’m just thinking out loud! I can’t help it!!




Rest In Peace – Christina Grimmie


This world’s loss but our Father’s gain. My thoughts and prayers are with Christina’s family. Christina died early hours of this morning.

Christina Grimmie was signing autographs early hours of this morning, after doing what she loved when a crazed man approached her and shot her in the head shortly before shooting himself. Christina had just finished what she loved doing – singing. This rising star, a You-Tube sensation, and Christian is our world’s lost. Christina was just 22 years. Her publicist is reported to have said: Christina has gone home to be with Jesus.❤

The Orlando Police are praising Christina’s brother as a hero since he saved so many people from getting shot as he tackled the evil guy to the ground. That can’t be much of a comfort to Christina’s brother right now, but I agree, he is a hero. Rest In Peace Christina.❤


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In a nutshell


Nobody will stand with you – you will stand in front of the ultimate Creator on your own. So why do you need religion. Jesus Christ didn’t need religion to operate on Earth, and HIS words that live on do not need religion today! Don’t be a follower – be a leader; but if you must follow someone then do it with Christ-like passion; and you can’t go wrong!